Harriet Tubman: A Life From Beginning to End Biographies of Women in History Book 2

Inside you will read about. Slavery in a new world: the foundation of a new economy ✓ araminta “minty” ross: harriet tubman’s early years ✓ tubman, and later, on several occasions, put her life at risk to re-enter slave territory, the freedom fighter: Her years as a conductor ✓ Civil War in the United States: Tubman’s role in a country divided ✓ Life after freedom: Tubman’s later years ✓ Lessons learned: Tubman’s legacy And much more!Harriet Tubman was an uncommonly brave person who, to assist the Union army in the American Civil War.

She used any money she made in any of her endeavors to help those less fortunate than herself, despite the fact that this caused her to live a life of poverty. Harriet tubman* * *download for free on kindle unlimited + free boNUS Inside!* * *Read On Your Computer, Kindle Reader, iPad, MAC, Smartphone, or Tablet.

Slavery in the united States has left deep, unhealed wounds in American society. One of these was a small woman, about five feet tall, who was a former slave. It was a dark period in American history that saw the emergence of a number of heroes. After escaping from a life of slavery that left her with permanent scars including a lifelong disability, she dedicated herself to freeing other slaves and working tirelessly for equality for oppressed people.

Her name was Harriet Tubman and she changed the world. She was the first black woman to lead an assault in the war. Her memory will live on as an example of a life well-done.

Mata Hari: A Life From Beginning to End Biographies of Women in History Book 9

Mata hari* * *download for free on kindle unlimited + free bonus inside!* * *Read On Your Computer, iPad, Kindle Reader, Smartphone, MAC, or Tablet. The original international woman of mystery, Mata Hari is maligned as a spy and a traitor. Mata hari’s biography tells a different story. Having seduced a number of the most powerful men in Europe, she was accused of spying for both Allied and Central Powers during the First World War.

Inside you will read about. A wife and mother✓ the night of horror✓ code name h21✓ becoming a Spy✓ The Trial and Execution of Mata HariAnd much more!Series Information: Biographies of Women in History Book 9. Yet what she believed in was neither France’s independence, but her own personal quest for luxury, nor Germany’s superiority, adventure, and love.

From her remarkable transformation from a captain’s wife and mother in the Dutch East Indies to the most celebrated stage presence in Europe, Mata Hari fought for what she believed in.

Native American History: A History from Beginning to End

Within two hundred years, the native american population dwindled to a fraction of what it had been; the survivors were herded onto reservations on which they could not follow their traditional ways of life and where they were denied the most basic human rights. Only in the twentieth century did the population of Native American people begin to recover, and only then did the general population of America begin to regard these cultured and sophisticated people as anything but savages.

The truth was that by the time that Columbus arrived in America, people had been living there for more than 12, 000 years. During this time, the indigenous people of North America lived without contact with other continents. This is the story of the gradual rise, sudden destruction, and slow recovery of the native people of North America.

Discover a plethora of topics such as the emergence of native american peoples and cultures life before the White Men European Settlers Arrive Early Wars in America American Expansion Ghost Dancing and the Wounded Knee Massacre And much more!So if you want a concise and informative book on Native American History, simply scroll up and click the "Buy now" button for instant access!

They also brought with them diseases to which the Native Americans had never before been exposed. Different groups developed separate and distinct ways of life, cultures, while separate, and societies but all shared one common characteristic: they relied on the land to provide them with food, and they developed a series of religions that, shared a respect for nature and imbued many animals and natural features with spiritual characteristics.

These beliefs, combined with the fact that most of these societies were relatively primitive compared to those emerging in other parts of the world, meant that the Native Americans were able to live in harmony with the natural world. These people had sophisticated and complex belief systems, but they built no cities, no wheeled vehicles, and developed nothing beyond the most basic written language.

The Ottoman Empire: A History From Beginning to End

The ottoman empire* * *download for free on kindle unlimited + free BONUS Inside!* * *Read On Your Computer, MAC, iPad, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, or Tablet. Over the course of just two hundred years, the ottoman Empire grew from a small, obscure Anatolian state into the most powerful Muslim nation in the world, controlling vast swathes of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and North Africa.

This is the story of the Ottoman Empire, from beginning to end. Within the empire science, and art flourished, medicine, technology, and the Ottoman army became one of the most feared and efficient fighting forces in existence. The story begins with the dream of the first ottoman sultan, and ended with the nightmare of the last sultan, Osman I, Abdulmejid II, in 1300, in 1922.

Beset by external enemies and torn apart by conflicting elements inside, territory, over the next three hundred and fifty years the Ottoman Empire lost power, and prestige until it became “the sick man of Europe. Inside you will read about. Emergence of the ottoman dynasty✓ the fall of constantinople✓ selim the grim and suleiman the magnificent✓ sultanate of Women✓ The Crimean War ✓ Decline Until World War IAnd much more!This is the dramatic story of the rise, of its conquests and defeats, and eventual disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, fall, and of its sultans who ranged from the grandeur of Suleiman the Magnificent to the obsession and confusion of Mustafa the Mad.

Then came a period of gradual decline.

Silk Road: A History from Beginning to End

This is the story of the Silk Road. Of course, it wasn’t just silk that was traded on these routes—many other commodities traveled in both directions. For more than one thousand years, which also enabled an exchange of philosophy, culture, the Silk Road or rather roads; there were actually several routes provided the main trading link between east and west, art, and religion.

This is not, as you might expect, a new phenomenon. Without this trade route, the civilization of both continents would almost certainly have developed very differently. It is difficult to overestimate the impact the Silk Road had on the development of civilization in both Europe and Asia. It wasn’t until new maritime trade routes were established in the fifteenth century that the Silk Road finally began to decline in importance.

Discover the remarkable history of the Silk Road. Free bonus inside!whether you approve or disapprove, globalization is an inescapable feature of the modern world. Although these overland routes between europe and asia were not generally given a name during the period when they were in use, Ferdinand von Richthofen, a nineteenth German writer and traveler, used the name by which they have become famous; he called them the Seidenstrasse the Silk Road.

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A series of trade routes which were first established almost two thousand years ago provided one of the first examples of intercontinental trade.

The Extraordinary Life Story of Harriet Tubman: The Female Moses Who Led Hundreds of Slaves to Freedom as the Conductor on the Underground Railroad 2 Memoirs in One Volume

As her biographer Sarah H. Miss susan" came in and looked around…. Scenes in the Life of Harriet TubmanSarah H. Traveling by night and in extreme secrecy, Tubman "never lost a passenger". Bradford mentions, grace darling, harriet tubman is at par with biggest names like Jeanne D'Arc, and Florence Nightingale in terms of her resilience, courage and do-or-die dedication in liberating her people from the bondages of slavery.

. Bradford was also a very close friend of Tubman and a contemporary of Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin. When the civil war began, tubman worked for the Union Army, first as a cook and nurse, and then as an armed scout and spy. She was the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the war and to guide the raid at Combahee Ferry, which liberated more than 700 slaves.

Excerpt:"the whip was in sight on the mantel-piece, as a reminder of what was to be expected if the work was not done well. Bradford 1818–1912 was an american writer, historian and one of the first American women writers to specialize in children's literature, predating better-known writers such as Louisa May Alcott.

Tubman who was herself born into slavery in Maryland in 1822 took over the responsibility of helping and guiding other slaves to freedom after her own escape to Philadelphia in 1849. Harriet fixed the furniture as she was told to do, and swept with all her strength, raising a tremendous dust. The moment she had finished sweeping, and wiped everything "so you could see your face in 'em, she took her dusting cloth, " in haste to go and set the table for breakfast, de shone so, and do her other work.

The Opium Wars: A History From Beginning to End

British casualties were small and the gains enormous—the British opium trade to China would continue for more than fifty years after the end of the Second Opium War. For the chinese qing dynasty, the Opium Wars marked the beginning of the end. In the end, the british were able to overcome their reservations and prosecuted these two wars with great success.

Imperial china had endured for two thousand years, but within fifty years of the humiliations of the Opium Wars, a revolution overthrew the imperial court and turned China into a republic. Although they are little remembered today, the Opium Wars changed the face not just of China but also of the whole of Asia.

They also exposed divisions in victorian Britain where people were beginning to question the morality of going to war to support an illegal narcotics trade which caused misery and death for millions of Chinese. This is the story of those wars. Discover a plethora of topics such as the joy plant outbreak of the first opium war british superiority and the Devil Ship The Treaty of Nanking: First of the Unequal Treaties The Inevitable Second Opium War The Fall of Beijing And much more!So if you want a concise and informative book on the Opium Wars, simply scroll up and click the "Buy now" button for instant access!

Discover the remarkable history of the Opium Wars. Free bonus inside!violent confrontation between armed groups over the supply of illegal narcotics is something we commonly associate with criminal gangs in modern cities, but in the mid-nineteenth century Great Britain went to war with Imperial China in order to continue to supply Chinese addicts with opium.

The Sumerians: A History From Beginning to End Mesopotamia History Book 1

The sumerians also produced art, music, and literature as well as created some of the first professional soldiers the world had ever seen. But for all that we know about the sumerians, one central mystery remains: We have no idea where the Sumerians came from when they suddenly arrived in Mesopotamia five thousand years ago.

They produced many fundamental changes to the way in which human societies developed—these were the first city-builders, the first methodical astronomers, the first people to use wheeled vehicles, and the first people to develop a sophisticated written language. Discover the remarkable history of The Sumerians.

. Free bonus inside!the sumerians settled in the area known as Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, around five thousand years ago. Many people have put forward answers ranging from the plausible to the esoteric to the literally out of this world, but none of the solutions suggested to date appears to provide a complete or final answer.

When looking at how homo sapiens have developed from primitive tribes of hunter-gatherers to today’s urban dwellers, the Sumerians represent one of the biggest and most dramatic single periods of change ever achieved by the human race. This is the story of the advanced, ingenious, and mysterious Sumerians.

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World War II: A History From Beginning to End World War 2 Battles Book 8 - Battle of the Bulge

But a daring action by general patton would break through the German lines and end the siege of Bastogne, bringing supplies and reinforcements that would allow the Americans to prove their mettle at the largest battle fought on the Western Front in Europe. Series information: World War 2 Battles Book 8.

Inside you will read about. After the normandy invasion✓ the siege of bastogne✓ the german infiltration✓ Nuts!✓ Old Blood and Guts✓ The Last Major German OffensiveAnd much more!Trapped and surrounded by the Germans, the besieged Americans seemed doomed. Attacking them were more than 400, 000 well-armed German troops, many of whom had earned their fighting experience on the deadly Eastern Front.

The “bulge” was a protuberance 50 miles wide and 70 miles deep in the American lines. That deadly assumption left the ardennes and the town of Bastogne insufficiently defended by 80, 000 American soldiers, most of whom had minimal battle experience. Battle of the bulge - world war ii* * *download for free on kindle unlimited + Free BONUS Inside!* * *Read On Your Computer, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, MAC, iPad, or Tablet.

The bloodiest battle in American history earned its name from the war correspondents who were covering the conflict. The germans, were not supposed to be in the Ardennes region, who had been in flight from the American invasion of Normandy, with its terrain deemed too difficult for tanks to move or soldiers to fight.


Abraham Lincoln: A Life from Beginning to End Biographies of US Presidents Book 16

Abraham lincoln's determination to hold the North and South together would ultimately lead to the bloodiest war in American history, the abolition of slavery, and his own untimely death from an assassin’s bullet. From his earliest days on the frontier, he endured the loss of his beloved mother and the demanding physical challenges of a rough-and-ready land where death came easily and education was rare; where ambition was rewarded if a man proved himself willing to work hard; where love was attainable, even for a man whose physical appearance was most charitably described as homely.

Meet abraham lincoln, the frontier president whose death made him a martyr but whose life made him a hero. But to see lincoln solely as a tragic figure consumed with the strife of mid-nineteenth century America is to miss meeting him as a man who never allowed himself to be defeated by adversity or grief or turmoil.

. Inside you will read about. Born on the frontier✓ lincoln’s life in new salem✓ the election of 1860✓ the house divides✓ The Tide Turns✓ The End✓ The Legacy of LincolnLincoln arose from poverty and ignorance to become a man of influence and eloquence whose speeches continue to resonate with a nation that aspires to meet his ideals.

Lincoln had his detractors and enemies but throughout his years, he had a remarkable ability to remain unpoisoned by his foes and to retain compassion for those who opposed him.

Indus Valley Civilization: A History from Beginning to End

It also created very large cities, carefully planned and laid out where almost every house had its own bath and flush toilet, thousands of years before such things became common in other parts of the world. Then, for reasons that still aren’t understood, this culture declined and then vanished so completely that all that was left were piles of bricks in the plains of present-day India and Pakistan.

Somehow, the harappans seem to have controlled this vast territory without having a large army or by conquering other weaker cultures, and they did not seem to have a single ruler such as a king or emperor. It wasn’t until archeological expeditions in the 1920s that it was finally realized that these bricks were the remains of mighty cities built by a previously unknown ancient civilization.

Inside you will read about. Discovery ✓ excavation of harappa✓ origins✓ life and death in the indus Valley✓ Downfall of the Indus Valley CivilizationAnd much more!This culture has become known as the Indus Valley Civilization or sometimes the Harappan Civilization, after Harappa, the first city to be discovered.

This was odd because historians were not aware of any cities or civilizations which might have constructed buildings in this area. Indus valley civilization* * *free bonus inside!* * *Read On Your Computer, Smartphone, iPad, MAC, Kindle Reader, or Tablet. In the late 1800s, british engineers building some of the first railways in the Dominion of India discovered large numbers of bricks buried in the dusty plains of the Punjab.